Liquor/Mixers:The Artistry of Mixing Cocktails

Scrutinize and learn the fine art of mixing cocktails using the basic and advanced craft and tricks of professional bartenders and understand some of the theories of liquor/Mixers.

Following mixtures could be beneficial to formulate great cocktails and liquors

Orange Juice used in cocktails such as a Screwdriver or Harvey Wallbanger.

Cranberry Cocktail Juice – many like this juice mixed with vodka in parties.

Grapefruit Juice – popular among people for mixing with gin.

Cola (Coke, Pepsi or any other brands available)

Lemon Juice – used in many cocktails although many people prefer to use sour mix nowadays. Also preferred for less hangover later.

Lime Juice (Rose's Lime Juice is the most popular) –valued in drinks like kamikaze.

Pineapple Juice – mostly used with rum to create many tropical themed cocktails.

Sprite or similar (7 up/dew)

Bloody Mary Mix – this is good to have if you are going to be making large quantities of Bloody Marys as the drink contains many ingredients and is time-consuming. Most bars use th Mr and Mrs.

Sour Mix – also known as sweet and sour mix or bar mix. It's a mixture of lemon juice and sugar syrup and is an important ingredient in many cocktails like Whiskey Sours and Long Beach Iced Teas. Many people also use it as a replacement for lemon juice since some don't like the tartness of lemon juice.

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Use fresh ice: Ice is actually an essential ingredient in most cold cocktails, since the water that melts as you shake a drink helps to dilute, meld, and mellow the other components.

Squeeze fresh fruit juice: This is especially important for lime and lemon juice, although any fresh-pressed juice will elevate your cocktails. Avoid concentrated and artificially flavored juices when possible.

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Stock mixers, bitters, and syrups: Mixers are non-alcoholic ingredients or lower alcohol content ingredients in a cocktail recipe. We like to keep bottles of fruited or spiced liqueurs, organic tomato juice, sweet and dry vermouth, ginger brew, tonic water, a soda siphon, homemade sour mix, champagne or prosecco and fresh citrus juice.