Whisky is liquid sunshine

Whisky is, in its most basic sense, a spirit that is distilled from grain. Sometimes the grain has been malted, sometimes not. It is aged, often for long periods of time, in wooden barrels (usually oak).

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The basis of Scotch whisky is the heather-flavored ales made from barley malt that the Picts and their prehistoric ancestors brewed. Coastal whiskies are often flavoured by the sea and a refined salinity can be found.

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Scottish Whiskies are among the world's most appreciated spirits. There are varying styles, though all can be enticing masterworks in their own right.
There are too many whiskies on the market today to count and it can be difficult to navigate the selection available.There are approximately 500 brands of whiskeys in the world like Scottish, Irish, American, Japanese.

Why choose Scotch?

  • Flavour - Scotch whisky flavours range all over the map – floral, sweet, smoky, salty…you can likely find a flavour to suit any mood.

  • Growth & Variety – as a scotch drinker you will never be left wanting for something new. Every distiller and every release have something distinct to offer, and they're hard at work using innovative techniques to differentiate their product from the others.

  • Quality & Craftsmanship – unless you're buying absolute gut-rot, a great deal of care goes into the product you're drinking. At its best, single malt Scotch whisky such as Ardbeg Corryvrecken is created with strict attention to detail in every step of the process. Blended whiskies like Johnny Walker Blue Label cannot exist without the great nosing & tasting skill of the master blender.