Jägermeister Deer & Beer Cocktail Recipe

Jägermeister Deer & Beer


Jägermeister was founded by Curt Mast, who inherited the family’s vinegar factory in Wolfenbüttel, which was founded by his father Wilhelm in 1878, a date often used by the brand. In 1935 , the liquor was first produced and is touted as a solution for all difficulties and diseases. It remains the same as it was then, in the same obvious green square bottle. The label is inspired by the name, Jägermeister translates from German as “master hunter”. Saint Hubert, whose symbol is the deer with antlers, is the patron saint of hunters.

Things We Need :

How To Prepare:

  • Pour the frozen Jägermeister into the glass.
  • Pour cold beer into a beer glass.
  • Have the shot and enjoy.