Perrier Smoothie Recipe – Perrier

For over 150 years, PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water has thrilled generations of beverage enthusiasts with its combination of bubbles and balanced mineral content. Its effervescent energy, which originated in France, is well-known around the world. It’s also a wonderful sugar-free and calorie-free alternative to carbonated soft drinks.

This is a sweet virgin cocktail in which all the rich strawberry and vanilla sweetness are combined.



How to make :

  • In a blender cup, combine the strawberry purée and vanilla syrup.
  • Add chilled Perrier 15 CL and blend untill foaming.
  • Decorate a tall glass with strawberry cut into half and place in the pick .
  • Then , Pour the Perrier smoothie adding some ice cubes.
  • Now, Enjoy Your Drink.