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Absolut Blue Vodka 1.75L


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Absolut Blue Vodka 1.75L

Volume: 1.75L

Brand: Absolut

Category: Vodka / Regular Vodka

Country: Sweden

Alcohol: 40%

Absolut Blue Vodka is the original among the numerous vodka editions by Swedish spirits giant Absolut: the Blue Label Vodka. Here, we offer you the world-famous vodka in a big 1.75 Liter bottle. Produced in the Swedish town Åhus, the Blue Label presents a perfectly full-bodied and pure character.

The mild vodka is based on fresh spring water and fine Swedish winter wheat. The latter has a certain sweetness to it, making it the ideal base for a super smooth vodka. Absolut Blue Label can be enjoyed neat or – if you want to whip out your cocktail loving personality – in a more complex drink.