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Baron d’Arignac Vin Blanc 750ML


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Baron d’Arignac Vin Blanc 750ML

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Baron d’Arignac

Category: Wine / White Wine

Country: France

Alcohol: 11%

Baron d’Arignac Vin Blanc is a French wine with its bouquet of ripe fruit and white flowers. It is an easy drinking and refreshing white. A fitting accompaniment to lighter white meats or a fresh salad.

Colour: Pale yellow, with golden shades.

Nose: Fine aromatic wine, dried fruit, vineyards peach.

Palate: Mellow wine, ample and richness, fine persistence.

Wine Production: The grapes are machine harvested when slightly overripe and pressed rapidly at a low temperature (18-20°C) for a week. Then the wine is clarified and filtered.

Food Suggestions: Serve with white meat, salad, easy drinking and refreshing this wine was produced for everyday consumption as well as special occasions.