Camus Cognac VSOP Elegance 3L with Boxes + Cradle + Spout


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Camus Cognac VSOP Elegance 3L with Boxes + Cradle + Spout

Volume: 3L

Brand: Camus

Category: Brandy / VSOP Cognac

Country: France

Alcohol: 40%

Camus Cognac VSOP Elegance with Boxes + Cradle + Spout 3L is a French brandy with rich in mellow and fruity aromas. It is bright golden in colour with good balance between floral and fruity notes, hints of grapefruit and almond, revealing a rich harmony of sweet fruity notes with a light touch of oak and vanilla. In crafting process; fruity eaux-de-vie were selected and partly distilled on the lees, causing them to become extremely mellow and richly flavored after ageing in close-grained oak barrels releasing delicate tannins. This process preserves the original aromas of the eaux-de-vie, while enhancing them by offering the perfect aromatic balance.

CAMUS VSOP Elegance is the preferred choice of bar professionals worldwide as the base for premium cocktails. Enjoy this brandy straight, over ice, or long.