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Camus Cognac XO Elegance 700ML with 2 Glass


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Camus Cognac XO Elegance 700ML with 2 Glass

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Camus

Category: Brandy / XO Cognac

Country: France

Alcohol: 40%

Camus Cognac XO Elegance is a French brandy with a perfect balance between floral and dried fruit notes with almonds and hazelnuts and hints of vanilla on the nose. A vast palette of rich flavours on the palate, displaying hints of fresh and candied fruits (orange, citrus, apricot), combined with vanilla honey, liquorice, chocolate, almond and hazelnut notes, with a subtle, mild oak finish.

A selection of high quality eaux-de-vie from six different crus, namely Bois a Terroirs, Fin Bois, Grande Champagne, Bon Bois, Petite Champagne and Borderies is long aged in special dark, cool cellars with very high moisture levels. The levels are slowly reduced which has a positive effect on the roundness and style of the Camus XO Elegance Cognac.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Floral at first, slowly developing rich dark fruit elements.

Palate: Continued fruit dominated the palate, supported by a subtle nuttiness.

Finish: Vanilla, brandied cherries and the return of the floral touches.

Best enjoyed in a tulip glass, either straight or mixed with a splash of mineral water.