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Chopin Potato (Gift Box) 1L


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Chopin Potato (Gift Box) 1L

Volume: 1L

Brand: Chopin

Category: Vodka / Premium Vodka

Country: Poland

Alcohol: 40%

Chopin Potato is a classic and the world’s most awarded polish potato vodka, a uniquely creamy and full-bodied with flavours of vanilla, popcorn and mashed potato that makes it a great standalone vodka, ideal for sipping neat or in martinis and cocktails.

Chopin is one of only a few vodka producers to distil its own spirts. There is no secrets and no additives in the production of Chopin Vodka. The bottle contains only three ingredients – the highest quality naturally grown potato, rye or wheat, yeast and purified artesian well water.

Tasting Profile: It has an alluring nose with subtle notes of vanilla and green apple.  It is creamy and well-rounded with a reassuring earthiness and a long, clean finish.