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Fashion Vodka Luxury Collection 1L


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Fashion Vodka Luxury Collection 1L

Volume: 1L

Brand: Fashion

Category: Vodka / Premium Vodka

Country: Poland

Alcohol: 40%

Fashion Vodka Luxury Collection was introduced in 2010 which is designed under the supervision of Micheal Adam Lisowski, the Polish-born president of the World Fashion Station, home of Fashion TV. This Vodka is filtered through centuries of intangible heritage, FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection breathes new life into a once closely guarded recipe dating back to 1783. A recipe that was then reserved for the select few, now offers a superior vodka for connoisseurs around the world.

A luxurious product combining elegant design with the highest quality craftsmanship which ensure to fascinate and satisfy even the most discerning vodka connoisseurs worldwide. It is made from selected fine Polish grains to deliver a noble, special-tasting mixture. Distilled four times and mixed with the purest, treated by reverse osmosis water, and filtered before bottling through a series of carbon micro-filters.