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Singleton Signature 700ML


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Singleton Signature 700ML

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Singleton

Category: Whisky / Malt Whisky

Country: Scotland

Alcohol: 40%

Singleton Signature is distilled in the Dufftown distillery of Speyside, where fine single malts have been produced since 1896, exceptional care is taken at every stage of producing The Singleton to create the best taste possible.

Longer fermentation and slower distillation than many competitors ensure exceptional smoothness and depth of flavour. The liquid is then matured in a combination of American and European oak casks (with only the finest casks hand selected for a richer taste) to ensure extra flavour and perfect balance.

The unique bottle shape of The Singleton of Dufftown is inspired by a traditional hipflask while the colour of the glass reflects the blue flint glass used at the turn of the previous century. The Singleton is regarded by many to be ‘the single best tasting single malt whisky’.

Best enjoyed neat or with a drop of water.