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Yarchagumba Beverage Extra Special 750ML

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Yarchagumba Beverage Extra Special 750ML

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Yarchagumba

Category: Whisky / Domestic Whisky

Country: Nepal

Alcohol: 40%

Yarchagumba is a rare, expensive and precious herb that is found in the mountain pastures of Nepal at an altitude of 4000-5000 meters.

It is a century old, widely trusted medicinal herb, beneficial to people with various medical conditions. It is famously known as the Himalayan Aphrodisiac and is an anti-aging tonic that adds natural charm to the attainment of a long healthy life.

Yarchagumba Health Beverage is a specially formulated drink in which Yarchagumba has been blended with an alcoholic beverage and other natural ingredients to provide the best possible extraction of the beneficial qualities of Yarchagumba.

There are no added colours, the golden hue of drink comes from the natural colors of the herbs used in the making of the drink. No artificial flavours or colors to enhance the drink. Each bottle is crafted with traditional and technological know-how, making it the first of its kind beverage in Nepal.