Hennessy VS Cognac 700ML


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Hennessy VS Cognac 700ML

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Hennessy

Category: Brandy / VS Cognac

Country: France

Alcohol: 40%

Hennessy VS Cognac is first distilled in 1865, when Maurice Hennessy, the great-grandson of founder Richard Hennessy, created a star classification system to distinguish quality in Cognac. Hennessy’s 3-star Cognac went on to become Hennessy V.S (which stands for “Very Special”), the most popular Cognac in the world.

A blend of around forty different eaux-de-vie (brandy parcels) from the four premier growing areas of the Cognac region brings complex flavour such as apple, citrus, fresh grape, French oak and grilled almonds to your glass.

Intense character and full-bodied flavors, V.S reveals its liveliness whether enjoyed neat, on ice, or with a mixer.