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Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack 750ML


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Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack 750ML

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Jack Daniel’s

Category: Whisky / Bourbon Whisky

Country: United States of America

Alcohol: 40%

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack is a premium version of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whisky exhibits impressive complexity and flavour with charcoal mellowed twice before and after the ageing process. Gentleman Jack, with its second charcoal mellowing, receives an additional “blessing” when it is charcoal mellowed again after reaching maturity – making it the only whiskey in the world to be charcoal mellowed twice, giving it ultimate smoothness.

Gentleman Jack is full-bodied with balanced oak flavour with notes of caramel and vanilla, exceptionally smooth finish.

When you drink Gentleman Jack, do so with pride, for this is the whiskey a gentleman order.