Bottega Cabernet Sauvignon IGT Trevenezie 750ML


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Bottega Cabernet Sauvignon IGT Trevenezie 750ML

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Bottega

Category: Wine / Red Wine

Country: Italy

Alcohol: 12%

The wines with the geographical indication “TREVENEZIE” owe their name to “Tre Venezie” or “Le Venezie”, a territory that includes Veneto and Friuli Venezia-Giulia regions. Cabernet Sauvignon, a variety included in this IGT, is among the most widespread and famous vines of the world and is particularly suited for the production of red wines with outstanding quality and longevity. This vine is originated by the spontaneous cross-fertilization of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, featuring the best characteristics from both of them.

Colour: Clear, intense ruby red with slight purple tinges.

Nose: Vinous and slightly herbaceous (tomato leaf and green pepper), with notes of red berries (raspberry and ripe blackberry), delicately spicy in the finish.

Palate: Dry, round, pleasantly tannic, medium-bodied, with a good structure.

Food Suggestions: Thanks to its roundness, it is perfect with grilled meat. It goes particularly well with tasty first courses like Milanese risotto, with tasty meat with a strong and sweet aftertaste like duck, rolls, or meat pies, with braised meat, pork ribs and savory, seasoned cheeses.