Hendrick’s Gin 700ML


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Hendrick’s Gin 700ML

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Hendrick’s

Category: Gin / Imported Gin

Country: Scotland

Alcohol: 41.4%

Deliciously infused with Rose and Cucumber.

An unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals. The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose and cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor resulting in an impeccably smooth distinct gin.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Huge, intense nose with an initial burst of crisp zesty botanicals. Harmoniously balanced juniper and coriander and a deep, surprisingly floral aroma of violet and rose.

Taste: Smooth and superbly balanced botanicals. Clean and dry without being in any way astringent. The complexity of the nose also comes through in the taste – citrus and juniper with a subtle, lingering finish of cool, refreshing cucumber and rose.