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Khukri Spice Rum 750ML


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Khukri Spice Rum 750ML

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Khukri

Category: Rum / Domestic Rum

Country: Nepal

Alcohol: 42.8%

Khukri Spice Rum has a distinctive stylish appeal, in sync with modern global trends.

The spice ingredients are hand-picked from select Himalayan Herbs and the overall balanced additives provide for an extremely tasteful drink. An excellent and smooth rum fully matured on oak vats after being aged for 12 months.

Revamp your taste buds and experience a rum thats bold, playful and truly cosmopolitan, with secret spices of the Himalayas that leave you buzzing.

Khukri Spice Rum is best enjoyed with Cola and a squeeze of lime, topped with lots of crushed ice and fresh mint leaf, making it an ideal invigorating drink-a perfect Summer Chiller.