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Blue On Blue Cocktail – Absolut Vodka

Blueberries not only have a beautiful color, but also have a delicious flavor. You may muddle them or use them whole as a garnish as blueberry isn’t used very often in beverages, it’s more enjoyable to utilize. Ingredients: Absolut Vodka – 30 ml Coconut Water – 20ml Cranberry Juice – 20ml Blue Curacao – 10ml […]

Absolut Vodka Basil Smash Cocktail

Absolut Vodka has a abundant flavor, is smooth and mellow, and has an unique grain flavour. Absolut Vodka is delicious neat, on the rocks, or as a foundation for a wide variety of beverages and cocktails. At the 2008 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards, it was named “Best New Cocktail”. Ingredients: Absolute Vodka -45 […]