Bulldog Gin 750ML


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Bulldog Gin 750ML

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Bulldog

Category: Gin / Imported Gin

Country: England

Alcohol: 40%

Bulldog Gin is a true English premium gin handcrafted in England with smooth and harmonious texture with balanced finish and soft juniper note, rendering it the “world’s most mixable London Dry Gin”. This iconic and multi-award winning, Bulldog Gin uses 100% British wheat and water to create smooth, eminently mixable gin with multiple layers of flavours.

It is quadruple distilled in traditional copper pot stills gin, infused with 12 of the rarest and distinctive botanicals, including Lemon from Spain, Lavender from France, Angelica from Germany, White Poppy from Turkey, Dragon Eye from China, Lotus Leaves from China, Almond from Spain, Coriander from Morocco, Juniper from Italy, Oris from Italy, Cassia from Indo-China and Liquorice from China.

Enjoy the Bulldog Gin and Tonic with sliced blueberries, a Bulldog Supersonic Gin and Tonic with cassis and blackberries. Pairs well with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water due to its smooth, citrus flavour.