Cinzano Bianco Vermouth 750ML


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Cinzano Bianco Vermouth 750ML

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Cinzano

Category: Liqueur

Country: Italy

Alcohol: 15%

A light-yellow vermouth with a fragrant, full-bodied and delicate aroma made from an expertly picked selection of herbs and spices. Cinzano Bianco is sweet and extremely versatile. It can be enjoyed straight as an aperitif or as an ingredient in a cocktail, and is best served chilled.

Colour: Light yellow.

Nose: A delicate infusion of white peach, flower blossom and freshly spiced marjoram, with after notes of fresh thyme.

Palate: A sweet, mouth-coating flavour with hints of fruit, vanilla bean and cinnamon, and a bittersweet persistent finish.