Sheridan’s Ultimate Pour Liqueur 1L


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Sheridan’s Ultimate Pour Liqueur 1L

Volume: 1L

Brand: Sheridan’s

Category: Liqueur

Country: Ireland

Alcohol: 15.5%

Sheridan’s is a wonderful Irish coffee liqueur that comes in a unique double bottle shape consisting of two separate sections – first section containing black coffee liqueur based on Irish whisky, while the second section containing white milk chocolate liqueur. When poured, the two liqueurs comes out in one single motion.

Sheridan’s is a delicious liqueur resulting from the combination of vanilla and coffee liqueur. The fragrance includes notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. The taste of liqueur is thick and sweet with pleasant nutty accents and its aftertaste is sweet and long. This liqueur is produced in Dublin, Ireland, by the Thomas Sheridan & Sons distillery, owned by Gilbey, a former gin distillery, responsible for the invention of Baileys, the famous Irish whisky-based liqueur.

Enjoy the rich, creamy taste of white chocolate and strong, warm taste of coffee and whisky of Sheridan’s Layered Coffee Liqueur on the rocks or with vanilla ice cream.